Question: What martial art does Jean-Claude Van Damme use?

Was Jean Claude Van Damme a good fighter?

Van Damme trained for 4 years and earned a spot on the Belgium Karate Team. He won the European professional karate associations middleweight championship as a teenager, and also beat the 2nd best karate fighter in the world.

Can Van Damme actually fight?

It comes from a tournament that took place in 1979 and confirms what most fans already knew: Van Damme could fight for real. So much more than just talk, Van Dammes professional record reads 18-1 with all 18 of his victories coming via knockout. He also competed in 44 amateur fights, losing just four times.

Is Tong Po a real person?

Michel Qissi (Arabic: ميشيل قيسي‎; born Mohammed Qissi on 12 September 1962) is a Belgian Moroccan actor, best known for his role as Tong Po in the 1989 martial arts film Kickboxer.

Who would win in a fight Chuck Norris or Jean Claude Van Damme?

When we view the two competitors records side-by-side and take into account the different martial arts tools in each of our fighters belts, Chuck Norris takes the win.

Is Tong Po a real kickboxer?

ITS MAIN VILLAIN IS MISCREDITED. The evil kickboxer Tong Po is billed as “himself” in the movies end credits, though he was actually played by martial artist and actor Michel Qissi.

What happened to Tong Po?

Tong Po never faces true justice for his many heinous crimes. But in the remake,he is killed by Kurt with a sword.

Who is the best martial arts actor in the world?

Top 10 Martial Artists in the World 2021Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is one of the most influential martial artists in the world. Jackie Chan. Vidyut Jammwal. Jet Li. Steven Seagal. Wesley Snipes. Jean Claude Van Damme. Donnie Yen.

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