Question: Wer spielt rayna Cruz?

Who kills Rayna in Vampire Diaries?

Damon A waitress informs her that it has been three years since Klaus has disappeared. Stefan and Valerie pursue a herb that can hide them from Rayna. With help from Matt, Damon finally captures Rayna and kills her multiple times in order to die permanently.

Who is the huntress in Vampire Diaries?

The vampire huntress Rayna (Leslie-Anne Huff), who will be formally introduced in Episode 12, is after Stefan because he was stabbed by the Phoenix Stone Sword. Pretty much everyone gets in her cross-hairs, Annie Wersching tells

Who plays Rayna Cruz Vampire Diaries?

Leslie-Anne Huff Leslie-Anne Huff (born August 25, 1984) is an American actress....Television.Year2016TitleThe Vampire DiariesRoleRayna CruzNotesRecurring role17 more columns

Why is Rayna after Stefan Salvatore?

After being forced to kill her father by Julian, she became enhanced by a tribe of shamans to get vengeance on Julian, his Heretic family, and all vampires. The wound from her sword marked him allowing her to find Stefan anywhere and compelling her to kill him.

What did Katherine do to Elena when she died in Season 5?

She seems to accept that there is no way out this time and she asks who has the traveler knife to stab her. She says goodbye to everyone in her own way leaving Stefan last. She kisses him and Stefan stabs her. Katherine collapses and leaves Elenas body.

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