Question: How do I copy my Firefox profile?

Backing up your profile Locate your profile folder, as explained above. and select Quit. Right-clickHold down the Ctrl key while you click on your profile folder (e.g. xxxxxxxx. default), and select Copy.

How do I sync my Firefox profile?

Connect additional devices to SyncOpen Firefox on the computer or profile you want to sync.Click the Firefox Account icon on the toolbar.Click Sign in to Firefox. If youre already signed in (see How do I know the status of my sync?) click Sync Settings to choose what to sync or Sync Now to start syncing immediately.

How do I transfer my password from my old laptop to my new one?

You need to enable the option to import passwords first, so type chrome://flags into your address bar and press Enter. Search for Password and find Password import. Click on the drop-down menu to the right and set it to Enabled. Click the Relaunch Now button that shows up. The window closes and re-opens.

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