Question: Is Sara from Mia and Me blind in real life?

Is Sara really blind?

Although Ship Broken revealed that Sara seeing the goddess of Death resulted in the gift of precognition, there was a downside to her new power: Sara is blind. Yes, Sara can see flashes of the future, but not whats happening right in front of her.

Why did Sara Lance go blind?

Sara was killed again during the England Zombie Apocalypse while protecting her team, but revived by Charlie with the Loom of Fate. After killing Atropos, Sara lost her new-found powers and her eyesight was restored.

What is Sara Lance superpower?

When Sara saw Atropos true godlike form, she gained the power of clairvoyance, which mainly manifested as the ability to see how she and anyone who touches her will die. But Saras precognition came with a catch — it left her blind.

How did Sara Lance go blind?

In Ship Broken, the latest episode of DCs Legends of Tomorrow, Sara suffered the consequences of looking at Atropos true form. As a result, she has gone blind, but she has picked up the power of foresight. After waking up from a coma, Sara quickly discovered she had gone blind.

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