Question: Whats a good job for someone with Aspergers?

Copy shop, data entry, factory assembly work, fast food restaurants, janitor, lawn and garden work, plant care, recycling, reshelving library books, restocking shelves and warehouse work. Your local Goodwill can also be a valuable asset in helping you connect with at job thats right for you.

Can people with Aspergers hold a job?

Most studies indicate that 75-85% of adults with Asperger Syndrome do not hold a full-time job. Federal and state vocational programs are underfunded and overwhelmed by requests for services.

What benefits can I get with Aspergers?

Children or adults with Aspergers syndrome may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Children are limited to SSI (Supplemental Security Income). To qualify for benefits, the parents must meet strict income guidelines and it must be shown that the child has significant impairment in: learning.

Should I tell my employer I have Aspergers?

It is not necessary to tell your co-workers and colleagues about your autism or your need for accommodations. They might become aware of the accommodations you have, if any (like extra breaks or a flexible starting time), but they are not entitled to know why.

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