Question: Is Flint Michigan safe to live?

Flint is in the 7th percentile for safety, meaning 93% of cities are safer and 7% of cities are more dangerous. The rate of crime in Flint is 78.42 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Flint generally consider the southwest part of the city to be the safest.

Is Flint Michigan a dangerous city?

Most dangerous city in the U.S. Flint has been consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States by multiple sources. From 2010 to 2012, Flint ranked as the city with the highest violent crime rate among cities with over 100,000 population.

What are the dangerous parts of Flint?

Areas of High Risk: The entire area North of the Flint River, between Expressways 75 / 23 (on the West) and Expressway 475 on the East and North. Davison and Richfield Roads East of Expressway 475. South Flint (south of Expressway 69, to about Atherton Road).

Whats worse Flint or Detroit?

But both remain among the nations most violent cities. According to the FBIs Crime in the United States report, In 2019, Detroit ranked as the most violent of cities with more than 100,000 residents nationally. In 2019, Flint ranked 15 nationally among cities with more than 50,000 residents.

What is the roughest part of Detroit?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Detroit, MIVan Steuban. Population 6,379. Warrendale. Population 17,417. Franklin Park. Population 11,290. 154 % Barton-McFarland. Population 8,306. 151 % Fitzgerald. Population 5,670. 140 % Riverdale. Population 5,084. 132 % The Eye. Population 3,437. 131 % East English Village. Population 4,473. 118 %

Can you bathe in Flint Michigan water?

Yes. Your skin does not absorb lead in water. If plain tap water has too much lead, bathing and showering is still safe for children and adults. It is safe even if the skin has minor cuts or scrapes.

What are the bad parts of Michigan?

The 20 Worst Places to Live in MichiganBattle Creek. Just making it onto the list of the worst places to live in Michigan is Battle Creek, and the main reason for this locations ranking is that it is the 15th most dangerous place to live in the state. Muskegon. Albion. Harper Woods. Ypsilanti. Three Rivers. Lansing Township.

Who is eligible for the Flint Water Crisis?

People who ingested water from the plant for at least 21 days during any 30-day period after April 25, 2014, and individuals exposed to water from the plant from April 25, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2018, and were diagnosed with Legionnaires Disease are also eligible.

Can you brush your teeth with lead water?

It is okay for water with lead in it to touch your skin. Just dont drink it! You can still wash your hands and take a bath. Make sure you brush your teeth with the water from a sink with a filter on it.

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