Question: How many tourist centers are in Nigeria?

How many tourist Centre do we have in Nigeria?

10 tourist centres in Nigeria.

Which state is the home of tourism in Nigeria?

List of Nigerian states nicknamesStateNicknameOyo StatePace Setter StatePlateau StateHome of Peace and TourismRivers StateTreasure Base of the NationSokoto StateSeat of the Caliphate33 more rows

What food does Nigeria grow?

The major staple crops in Nigeria are cassava, yam, maize, sorghum, rice and millet. These crops together cover 65% of the total cultivated area.

Can Nigeria feed itself?

Obi said, “Nigeria can feed itself and feed many countries in Africa. “The PFA project was designed to catalyse increased quantity and quality of public investment in agriculture, so as to increase the productivity and well-being of women smallholder farmers, their households, and communities across the country.

What can I plant now in Nigeria?

5 Best Crops to Plant This Rainy Season And Make Huge harvestMAIZE. Maize is a valuable commodity that is geographically dispersed across Nigeria and suitable for most Nigerians. CASSAVA. GROUNDNUT. YAM. RICE.Apr 7, 2020

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