Question: How do you respond to jawohl?

Jawohl is more of an acknowledgement (I have understood and will comply with your request) than an answer to a yes/no question, Sind Sie ein Einzelkind? would be answered with Ja or Nein. Thus, in my experience, in a military context, the question of an opposite of Jawohl rarely arises.

How do you use jawohl?

Jawohl, or Jawoll consists of the words ja and wohl. Literally translated, those mean “yes” and “well” or “indeed.” You can also translate jawohl with “Aye” or “Yes!”

What means jawohl?

yes : certainly : yes, sir.

Why do Germans say genau all the time?

My favorite German words Quite possibly the most used word in the German language is “genau” which means “exactly”. Its an agreeable word and its one that I hear at least 100 times on a daily basis. For example: Do you want to go sit on the river? Answer: Ja, Genau.

How do you say jawohl?

0:020:24How to pronounce jawohl - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipHubble y al fútbol y al fútbol y al fútbol y alcohol.MoreHubble y al fútbol y al fútbol y al fútbol y alcohol.

What does jawohl Mein Führer?

Jawohl, mein Fuhrer means Yes, my leader in German. It is commonly associated with Hitler/authoritarian government.

What language is jawohl Mein Herr?

mean in German? Yes Sir! More meanings for Jawohl, mein Herr! Jawohl, mein Herr!, Jawohl!

How do you say no in Austria?

Say nein to say no in German. It is an official language of Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy (South Tyrol), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland. You can say “no way” in German by saying, Auf keinen Fall. Nicht is the equivalent of not in English.

What language is the word Achtung?

German interjection. Ach·​tung!

What does Stubenalteste?

Word forms: Stubenältester. masculine or feminine noun. declined as adjective Stube (Mil) senior soldier in a/the barrack room (Brit) or in the quarters; (Sch) study/dormitory prefect.

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