Question: Who wrote Ashanti happy?

Who wrote the song Foolish by Ashanti?

Ashanti 7 AureliusIrv GottiMark DeBargeBunny DeBarge Foolish/Composers

What song did Ashanti wrote for Beyonce?

The Way That I Love YouThe Way That I Love YouGenreR&BLength4:30LabelUniversal The Inc.Songwriter(s)Ashanti Douglas L.T. Hutton7 more rows

Who produced Ashanti baby?

Baby (Ashanti song)BabyLabelMurder Inc. Def JamSongwriter(s)Ashanti Douglas Irving Lorenzo Andre Parker Brad Jordan Mike Dean 7 AureliusProducer(s)Irv Gotti Chink Santana 7 Aurelius (co.)Ashanti singles chronology10 more rows

Who wrote Im real by JLO?

Jennifer Lopez Cory RooneyTroy OliverL.E.S.Martin Denny I’m Real/Composers

Did JLO sing Im real?

During an appearance on Sundays Watch What Happens Live, the singer-rapper was asked about those longstanding rumors that Ashanti actually sang Jennifer Lopezs vocals in the 2001 hit Im Real, which he wrote. No, thats not true, the rapper said in response to a fans question.

How old is Ashanti?

40 years (October 13, 1980) Ashanti/Age

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