Question: Does Dove Cameron really sing in descendants?

As a singer, Cameron made her debut with the soundtrack album to Liv and Maddie (2015). In the same year, she released her debut single, If Only, for Descendants.

Do the actors sing in the descendants?

It cant be a Disney Channel movie without some singing involved! Thankfully, Descendants has all that and more! ETonline has your first look at the seven original tunes featured in the movie we guarantee youll be singing along to when the July 31 debut rolls around.

Who are the singers in descendants?

Tracklisting#TitlePerformer(s)1.Rotten to the CoreDove Cameron • Cameron Boyce • Booboo Stewart • Sofia Carson2.Evil Like MeKristin Chenoweth • Dove Cameron3.Did I MentionJeff Lewis4.If OnlyDove Cameron9 more rows

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