Question: What is the gay capital of Europe?

Berlin has a long history of gay culture and influence on popular entertainment, and according to some authors, in the 1920s the city was the Gay Capital of Europe. In 1896 the worlds first gay magazine started in Berlin, called Der Eigene (The Self-Owning).Berlin has a long history of gay culture

Where is the biggest gay community in Europe?

Germany Germany has the largest LGBT population in Europe, according to a new survey conducted by Dalia. 7.4 percent of Germanys population identifies as being LGBT along with 6.9 percent of people in Spain and 6.5 percent of those in the UK. Read more in the indy100.

Is Vauxhall German or English?

Yes, Vauxhall is a British brand, but the car itself is German. Still, with 250,000 sales and over 4,000 employees in the UK, there is no reason to rebrand to its continental counterpart. Get in touch with Drive Vauxhall to find out more.

Is Daylesford gay friendly?

Daylesford is popular at this time of year, so book early and check you and your squeeze in at one of the gay-friendly guesthouses such as Lakeside at Daylesford or the Green Door and spend a rejuvenating weekend having a long brunch at Breakfast and Beer cafe, perusing the book and antique stores, walking and swimming ...

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