Question: What is the upper limit of IQ?

Whats the highest possible IQ? Theoretically, theres no upper limit to an IQ score. Who has the honor of the highest score isnt entirely clear. Though there are many claims of super-high IQs, documentation is hard to come by.

What is a 210 IQ?

A Breakdown of IQ Scores The average score on an IQ test is 100. 115 to 129: Above average or bright. 130 to 144: Moderately gifted. 145 to 159: Highly gifted. 160 to 179: Exceptionally gifted.

Who has the highest IQ alive today?

Marilyn vos Savant was born in 1946 in Missouri. In 1986 the columnist and author made history when she was named in The Guinness Book of World Records as the person possessing the highest IQ, with a reported score of 228. She is said to have achieved the score on the Stanford-Binet test at the age of ten.

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