Question: What strength Manuka honey should I use?

Manuka honey with a UMF of less than 10 has a low level of activity and may not be effective for some medical conditions. The ideal potency is generally considered to be between UMF 10 and 18.

What is the best MGO in Manuka honey?

Our Top 15 Best Manuka Honey ReviewsWedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey. Kiva Raw Manuka Honey. Manukora UMF 20+/MGO 830+ Raw Mānuka Honey. Good Natured Raw Manuka Honey. Comvita Certified Raw Manuka Honey. Manuka Health - MGO 400+ Manuka Honey. New Zealand Honey Co. SB Organics Multiflora Manuka Honey.

Is there different strengths of manuka honey?

The UMF number on the label represents the amount of MGO in the bottle. That number can range from UMF 5+ to UMF 20+. The higher the UMF rating, the more antibacterial activity manuka honey has — and the more potent it is. UMF 20+ manuka honey was also effective against drug-resistant strains of bacteria.

What is a good MGO number for manuka honey?

For a quick comparison of the numbers and uses see the Manuka honey ratings table below.StrengthMGOSuggested UseLow30+Everyday sweetenerMild100+Everyday general wellbeingMedium200+General wellbeing & digestive healthHigh500+Cosmetics and digestive health31 Mar 2020

What is the strongest strength of Manuka honey?

Comvitas UMF® strength ranges from 5+ to 20+, with 20+ indicating the highest level of beneficial compounds.

What does Manuka honey do for your body?

Its most notable attribute is its effect on wound management and healing. Manuka honey also has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that may help treat numerous ailments, including irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcers, periodontal disease and upper respiratory infections.

Can I mix Manuka honey with hot water?

NEVER put Manuka Honey into boiling or very hot water as once the water has reached 40deg centigrade, it will have killed most of the active enzymes, the reason you brought the Manuka Honey in the first place!

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