Question: What happened with Nadia and Vinay?

Are Nadia and Vinay still together?

Viewers empathized with Nadia as they watched her tearful reaction to these two roadblocks, which ultimately resulted in the end of their relationship.

Did Pradhyuman from Indian Matchmaking get married?

Pradhyuman Maloo, a 30-year-old jewellery designer from Mumbai, claimed on the show that he has rejected 150 marriage proposals. On the show, he met Rushali Rai, a model and an actor. However, they are no longer together. We had different paths in life and we respected that and moved ahead.

Is anyone from Indian matchmaking married?

Rupam Kaur from Indian Matchmaking is married — without any help from the show. After filming the Netflix dating show, Kaur found love through an app, Bumble. But over Labor Day weekend, after a year and four months of dating, Kaur, 37, wed her fiancé, Nitin Singh, whom she met on Bumble.

Is Aparna still a lawyer?

The latest update on the profile states that she worked for Insgroup until October 2019 as a general counsel, but Aparna left this insurance company just after six months. All in all, she has seven years of experience as an attorney.

Why did Akshay and Radhika breakup?

In a video shared by Netflix India, Akshay spoke about why he called off the engagement with Radhika. In a video shared by Netflix India, Akshay said that he called off the engagement not because there was anything wrong with Radhika, but because he couldnt bring himself to hold a conversation with her.

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