Question: Should I roll Childe or venti?

If youre looking for a support who can help you clear out domains faster than any other character, roll for Venti. But, if you look for one of the strongest DPS characters with a diverse and joyful playstyle, Childe is the right choice.

Should you pull Venti?

Unlike others, Venti can stay relevant in Genshin Impact for a long time. Therefore, pull for him if youre looking for a reliable support character that will remain beneficial in any team composition.

What are the chances of pulling Venti?

Given that Venti is a five-star character, hes usually an extremely rare reward—specifically you needed to Wish for him on the limited-time Ballad in Goblets banner, of which the chances of snagging him were a measly 0.6 percent.

Should you pull for Childe Genshin?

Youre not guaranteed to get Childe, even if you pull from his Banner. Luckily, Genshin Impact does feature a Mercy system. The guaranteed five-star item has a 50 percent chance to be Childe. If that first pity five-star wasnt Childe, your next five-star will be.

Is it still possible to get Venti in Genshin Impact?

Both events are over, though, so you cant win Venti until Genshin Impacts developers, miHoYo, decide to release his Wish Character Event banner again. If miHoYo re-runs Ventis character banner again, youll need Wishes, specifically Intertwined Fates.

Will Rosaria be permanent?

Now the leaks suggest that a new character named Rosaria will be arriving in Genshin Impact 1.4 patch update. She first appeared during Albedos story quest back in patch 1.2, and since then, she has been on many players wish list. And now finally she is expected to arrive in the game permanently.

Is Childe from Liyue?

Childe plays a central role in Genshin Impacts story during the Liyue chapter and is seen by many as a force of chaos. He is a 5-star hydro character with the unique ability to switch between using a bow, his main weapon, and a spear.

Should I pull for Rosaria?

Obtaining Rosaria is a bit iffier than getting Childe as its impossible to tell when youll get her. You could be flush with Rosaria or she could show up once in 90 pulls. Unless you desperately need somebody from this Banner for your team, you should feel okay skipping this one.

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