Question: How reliable is Toyota Verso?

Toyota has an enviable reputation for building reliable cars, but although the Toyota Verso scored a full-five star rating when it was crash-tested in 2010, car safety standards have improved, meaning more modern rivals could prove safer in a collision.

What replaced the Toyota Corolla Verso?

Although the design of the car is based on the Versos namesake, the Corolla, the Verso does not share a platform with the Corolla, instead being built on a separate unique platform....Toyota Corolla VersoSuccessorToyota Verso (Corolla Verso) Toyota Corolla Rumion (Corolla Spacio) Toyota Passo Sette (Corolla Spacio)9 more rows

Why was Toyota iQ discontinued?

UK sales of the Toyota iQ stopped in 2014. Unfavourable exchange rates between Europe and Japan hampered sales, and alterations needed to meet upcoming EU emissions regulations would have further increased the models price. The model went out of production for other markets in 2015.

What replaced the Toyota iQ?

Toyota iQToyota iQ (AJ10)Height1,500 mm (59.1 in)Curb weight860 kg (1,896 lb)ChronologySuccessorToyota Aygo19 more rows

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