Question: How do you use dich in German?

In grammar terminology we say du is in nominative case (the subject of the sentence) and dich is in accusative case (the direct object of the sentence).

What is the difference between Dir and Dich?

The difference between these forms is their grammar case. Mir and dir are DATIVE personal pronouns and mich and dich are ACCUSATIVE personal pronouns. Which grammar case we have to use in a sentence is determined by the verb or preposition of our phrase.

How do you use EUCH in German?

3 Answersdu: singular you, as in you are a wonderful personeuch: plural you, as in you guys accusative and dative form of the plural you ihr, as in I want to give something to you guys, not as in you guys are greatspielen: verb, to playdas Spiel: noun, game

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