Question: Where are Cognito credentials stored?

How do you use the code returned from Cognito to get AWS credentials?

In this flow, the Hosted UI (running in the users browser) will authenticate the user against the Cognito User Pool, and return the authorization code. You must then send this code to your webserver. Your webserver exchange this code for access tokens, which it uses to finally retrieve the users information.

Does Cognito store user data?

Amazon Cognito lets you save end user data in datasets containing key-value pairs. This data is associated with an Amazon Cognito identity, so that it can be accessed across logins and devices. The Amazon Cognito Sync client creates a local cache for the identity data.

Should you use Cognito?

Amazon Cognito can be a great service. Its secure, cheap, and easy to use right out of the gate. If youre setting up a new prototype application, it might be a great choice. It will enable you to quickly focus on value-producing application features and give you the peace of mind of a secure authentication system.

What is Cognito callback URL?

A callback URL indicates where the user is to be redirected after a successful sign-in. Enter Sign out URL(s). A sign-out URL indicates where your user is to be redirected after signing out. Select Implicit grant to have user pool JSON web tokens (JWT) returned to you from Amazon Cognito.

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