Question: Does Ciel hate Elizabeth?

Does Ciel like Elizabeth?

Although Ciel tends to act cold towards her and brushes off her attempts to show him affection, Ciel genuinely loves Lizzy but its on the platonic side and intends to marry her out of duty rather than love.

Does Elizabeth know that Ciel has a twin?

She doesnt know what the twins have gone through and what led to our Ciels decision to return under Ciels name. To her, Ciel returned and all this time (nearly four years) he let her believe he was Ciel and she grew to love him.

Why do they want Ciels soul?

Black Butler 2 Starts with Alois wanting Ciel, because he thought Ciel made a Deal with the Demon that took away his brothers(Luka) Soul. Like we know, Sebastian would do anything for Ciels Soul, he considered Ciels soul as the most delicious soul he ever had..

Was Yuri on ice a bl?

Yes, Yuri on Ice is a BL series. A lot of their relationship is conveyed through dialogue and subtext, but the evidence is so numerous that you cant interpret their relationship in any other way. Their romance is both ambiguous and obvious at the same time, if that makes any sense.

Why is Yuri ice good?

Yuri on Ice strikes a wonderful balance between illustrating the minutiae of competitive figure skating, and staying accessible to newbies. There are even cute little explanatory segments about things like the scoring system, with equal attention paid to figure skating culture.

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