Question: Wo abends hingehen in Berlin?

Where is the nightlife in Berlin?

A good starting point for a night out in Berlin is the Kastanienallee. There you find numerous bars, restaurants and some great nightclubs nearby. Other good starting points are Kollwitzplatz (Prenzlauer Berg) and Hackescher Markt (Mitte) or Simon Dach Strasse in Friedrichshain.

What area of Berlin is best for nightlife?

The best areas to stay in Berlin for nightlifeWarschauer Strasse: Techno Paradise. Located in former East Berlin, Warschauer Strasse is the top nightlife area in the German Capital. Kreuzberg: Hipster Berlin at Its Finest. Mitte: For a Little Bit of Everything. Nollendorf Platz: The Gay Heart of Berlin.10 May 2017

What is the biggest club in Berlin?

Berghain #1 / Berghain & Panorama Bar Berghain is the most well-known club in Berlin - and also one of the worldwide most famous clubs. Its the church of Techno with the best sound system you can get. So be prepared to dance for hours and listen to top quality music.

How many nightclubs are there in Berlin?

Number of bars, dance clubs and music venues in selected German cities in 2016, by typeCharacteristicBarsDance clubsBerlin2,469311Frankfurt2,091348Leverkusen1,559262Solingen1,5422449 more rows•14 Dec 2016

Is there a red light district in Berlin?

There is no red light district in Berlin.

Why does everyone wear black in Berlin?

Berlin is moody, creative, underground and rogue, a character that doesnt exactly reflect bright colours. Dark clothes add to the chic, street-wise look of young people in the city. In Berlin, many of the shops selling all -black fashion take their inspiration directly from the citys nightlife culture.

Is it safe to walk around Berlin at night?

Yes, its pretty safe to walk at night in Berlin, especially if you stick with the popular streets. If youre wandering off into small and dark side streets, you might encounter one or the other sketchy character.

What is the hardest club to get into?

Berghain Berghain has one of the strictest door policies in the world. Sometimes even world famous DJs dont make the cut. When it comes to getting into this infamous club, there are certain unspoken rules that everyone in Berlin knows: wear black, break into small groups and dont talk in the line.

Can you drink the water in Berlin?

Yes, tap water is safe and the most controlled beverage/food product in Germany. Many German cities including Berlin and Munich brag about the quality of their tap water which often comes from the same source as mineral water. Heres an overview of the tap water, bottled water and water filters in Germany.

What is the most exclusive club in the world?

The Worlds Most Exclusive Membership ClubsThe American Club. Hong Kong, China. The Australian Club. Sydney, Australia. The 1930 Club. Milan, Italy. The Arts Club. London, UK. The Carnegie Club. Scotland, UK.

What is the most exclusive night club in the world?

Las Vegas is the home to the Hakkasan nightclub which is arguably the worlds most expensive club.

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