Question: Does no go have a dash?

negative; inopportune. (This is hyphenated before a nominal.) Were in a no-go situation.

Is Healthwise a correct word?

Concerning or regarding health.

What is go and no go in testing?

In general go/no go testing refers to a pass/fail test (or check) principle using two boundary conditions or a binary classification. The test is passed only when the Go condition is met and also the No go condition fails.

How do you spell Healthwise?

Concerning or regarding health.

How do you use the word Healthwise?

The paste is made from crushed peanuts, often with palm oil and salt added but, healthwise, it is better without either. Our deal was that I take care of him healthwise, after his hospital stay, but I went out instead, and we talked only occasionally.

What is the longest word that means no?

floccinaucinihilipilification The longest non-technical word in major dictionaries is floccinaucinihilipilification at 29 letters. Consisting of a series of Latin words meaning nothing and defined as the act of estimating something as worthless; its usage has been recorded as far back as 1741.

What is the go no-go decision?

1 : being or relating to a required decision to continue or stop a course of action. 2 : being or relating to a point at which a go-no-go decision must be made.

What is a go no go process?

A go/no go process is a list of questions or evaluation criteria to determine if a firm should pursue a potential project or not. Some firms use clear scoring criteria and others use questions as a guide to determine the right decision.

What is the meaning of workwise?

adverb. In terms of work; as far as work is concerned.

What does it mean when someone says health wise?

New Word Suggestion. Concerning or regarding health. Healthwise, Britain is suffering badly because of cuts to the Health Service budget. adjective.

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