Question: What is Ludacriss wifes name?

Who was Ludacris first wife?

Eudoxie Mbouguiengue Christopher Brian Bridges (born September 11, 1977), known professionally as Ludacris (/ˈluːdəkrɪs/), is an American rapper and actor....LudacrisYears active1998–presentOrganizationThe Ludacris FoundationSpouse(s)Eudoxie Mbouguiengue ​ ​ ( m. 2014)​Children417 more rows

How do you pronounce Mbouguiengue?

0:000:07How to Pronounce Eudoxie Mbouguiengue - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou dont say employing queuing GUI you dont say.MoreYou dont say employing queuing GUI you dont say.

What nationality is Eudoxie?

Gabonese Eudoxie Mbouguiengue/Nationality

Who is t pain wife?

Amber Najmm. 2003 T-Pain/Wife

How old is T-Pain now?

37 years (September 30, 1984) T-Pain/Age

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