Question: Why did they stop making Drawn Together?

On the Season Three DVD, the creators cited a third reason for the shows cancellation, that the network was frustrated by the extremely long amount of time it took to produce each episode.

What does Ling-Ling translate to?

However ling is the imperative of lingere (which means to lick). So, ling ling would mean lick! lick! or you must lick! you must lick!

What does Ling-Ling mean in Japanese?

Ling Ling, who was given to Japan in 1992, was the only giant panda in the country who was directly owned by Japan. There are eight other giant pandas in Japan as of April 2008, but they are all on loan to Japan from China. Despite being a male panda, Ling Lings name meant darling little girl in Chinese.

How many hours does Ling Ling practice?

40 hours a day In 2017, TwoSet Violin made a comedic reference to Ling Ling, a fictional violinist who practices 40 hours a day.

What does Líng mean in Chinese?

Ling (Pinyin:líng, Traditional Chinese:靈, Simplified Chinese:灵, Vietnamese: linh) is the notion of sacred in Chinese traditional religions. It is the inchoate order of creation, that is the medium of the bivalency constituted by the opposite forces of the universe (yin and yang).

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