Question: What happened to Jennie Jones?

Jones did not return to talk show hosting following The Jenny Jones Show, but she has remained active online. Jones has a YouTube channel and a cooking website both called Jenny Can Cook.

Whats Jenny Jones doing now?

Jones maintains an official website,; a cooking website,; and a YouTube cooking channel. Another website,, which she launched in 2008, features stories from anonymous people who positively impacted their communities.

How does Mr Underwood feel about Toms death?

Mr. Underwood understands that Tom Robinson was an innocent, crippled man who became a victim of racial injustice. He doesnt believe Tom should have died and is disgusted that the prison guards murdered a crippled man.

Did Mr Underwood think Tom was innocent?

Mr. Underwood understood that Tom was an innocent man who was wrongly convicted and was disgusted by the fact that Tom was gunned down by prison guards. His comparison to the senseless slaughter of songbirds is significant because throughout the novel mockingbirds represent innocent individuals like Tom Robinson.

Do you agree with Mr Underwood that killing Tom was like killing a songbird?

Underwood “likened Toms death to the senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children,” basically saying that killing Tom was like killing a mockingbird. Tom Robinson is a metaphorical mockingbird. Tom is an innocent man who did nothing wrong, and he is twice wronged by the legal system.

What is Tom actually guilty of Chapter 19?

But Toms real crime was that of being a good neighbor and a helpful, caring man--a man who felt right sorry for Mayella and her neglected situation in the Ewell household.

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