Question: Is using Tinder while in a relationship cheating?

As I admitted to you earlier, I would be INFURIATED if my boyfriend was still actively using dating apps. As you can see, the majority of respondents (74.3 percent of women and 63.3 percent of men) agreed that being on dating apps while youre in a relationship is cheating.

Is it cheating to swipe on Tinder?

Dating and relationship coach India Kang told Mashable that the only time swiping constitutes cheating is when youre engaged or married. Unless youre in a committed relationship, whereby both parties have agreed to date exclusively, swiping isnt a form of cheating, its more keeping your options open.

Is being on dating apps while in a relationship cheating?

A new survey of 3,500 college students by ABODO Apartments — an online apartment marketplace helping college students find their next off-campus rental — found that 69 percent of people felt using dating apps while in an exclusive relationship counts as cheating, no matter the context, while others had different ideas ...

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