Question: What is Bitte Schon?

(commonly said in answer to danke schön (“thank you very much”); usually not translated into English) dont mention it, not at all, youre welcome.

What does the German phrase Bitte Schon mean?

Youre very welcome Bitte schön / Bitte sehr — Youre very welcome.

How do you respond to Danke schon?

When someone says danke, the standard response is bitte. This normally means please, but within the context of responding to a thank you, it means youre welcome. If instead they say danke schön, then you should reply by saying bitte schön.

What do you mean by Danke schon?

thank you very much : thank you very much.

Is Gern Geschehen formal or informal?

Gern geschehen is used if you did something for somebody, and that person thanks you for it. As in “youre welcome”. In this context you can also say keine Ursache, kein Problem, (both mean no problem) or something less formal like aber klar doch! (but of course!/sure!)

How do I know if Im bitter?

10 Telltale Signs Of A Bitter Person (+ How To Handle One)They Generalize. They Hold Grudges. They Like The Sound Of Their Own Voice. Theyre Jealous. But They Make No Changes. They Seek Attention. They Struggle To Accept Advice. They Dont Like Cheerful People. •Feb 17, 2021

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