Question: Can Cecil be a girl name?

♀ Cecil (girl) ▼ as a name for girls (also used more widely as boys name Cecil) means blind; sixth. Cecil is a variant form of Cecilia (Latin, Old Welsh).

Is Cecil a unisex name?

Cecil is a usually male given name of Welsh origin.

Is Rudolf a girl name?

Rudolph or Rudolf (French: Rodolphe, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish: Rodolfo) or Rodolphe is a male first name, and, less commonly, a surname....Rudolph (name)Pronunciation/ruːdɒlf/ German: [ˈʁuːdɔlf]GenderMaleOriginWord/nameGermanicMeaningfame-wolf, glory-wolf6 more rows

Is Nikolas a girl name?

NicholasPronunciation/ˈnɪkələs/GenderMaleOriginWord/nameGreekMeaningVictory of the people4 more rows

What does Cecil mean?

ce-cil. Origin:Welsh. Popularity:3584. Meaning:blind; sixth.

Is the name Cecil evil?

Cecil is an evil, corrupt, and manipulative night guard who pretended to be friends with Larry Daley.

Where is the name Cecil from?

Welsh Welsh (Monmouthshire): from the Old Welsh personal name Seisyllt, an altered form of the Latin name Sextilius, a derivative of Sextus meaning sixth. The spelling has been modified as a result of folk etymological association with the Latin name C(a)ecilius, a derivative of caecus blind.

What is a nickname for Rodolfo?

Nickname(s) Rudy, Dolf. Related names. Rudolph, Rolf. Rodolfo is a given name.

How do you say Rudolph in French?

Le ptit renne au nez rouge is the French version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. They are sung to the same tune, but the lyrics are quite different.

What room was Elisa Lam in?

Lam was initially assigned a shared room on the hotels fifth floor; however, her roommates complained about what the hotels lawyer would later describe as certain odd behavior and Lam was moved to a room of her own after two days.

Whats wrong with Cecil Hotel?

In 2013, the Cecil Hotel gained national attention after the mysterious disappearance of Elisa Lam, a Canadian college student, was spotted behaving erratically on elevator surveillance video before vanishing. Lams naked body was later found in a closed water tank on the hotels roof.

What name is CEC short for?

CECCalifornia Energy Commission Governmental » State & Local -- and more...CECChief Election Commissioner Governmental » Civic & MunicipalCECCentral Executive Committee Community » CommitteesCECChuck E Cheese Business » RestaurantsCECContinuing Education Courses Community » Educational20 more rows

Is Rudy a biblical name?

Rudy is baby boy name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Germanic. Rudy name meanings is A familiar form of rudolph.

What is Rudy short for in Spanish?

Rodolfo is the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese equivalent. Rudy is the English diminutive or pet form of Rudolf/Rudolph/Rodolfo.

What does Les Paroles mean in French?

paroles, la ~ (f) (prononciations) statements, the ~ Noun. pronouncements, the ~ Noun. pronunciations, the ~ Noun. utterances, the ~ Noun.

How do you pronounce Virchow?

0:131:02How to Pronounce Virchow? (CORRECTLY) - YouTubeYouTube

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