Question: Who is the most powerful female mutant?

Who is the strongest girl superhero?

1 Wonder Woman (Class 100/Limitless) Diana of Themyscira is the strongest female superhero in comic books. Wonder Woman is a Class 100+ when it comes to pure strength, but her full strength level is limitless because she was granted superhuman strength by Demeter, the Goddess of the Earth.

Is there a female avenger?

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel was the first female superhero in the MCU to get her own solo movie, so she would definitely be included in an all-female Avengers movie. Carol Danvers showed up right on time during the Battle of Earth and was close to defeating Thanos, but the Mad Titan had some tricks up his sleeve.

How old is Magik?

Even by the floating points and sliding scale, Magik is wonky, but shes in the same general range as Kitty/original New Mutants so early-to-late 20s. Well, just by who she came up with as a New Mutants, she would be around their age, so in mid 20s.

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