Question: What does Los mean in gaming?

Line of sight, sometimes written line-of-sight or abbreviated to LoS, is the visibility (that is, who can see what) on the playing field in wargames and some role-playing games (RPGs). Many abilities can only be used on entities within a characters line of sight.

What is Los short for?

LOSAcronymDefinitionLOSLine(s) of SupplyLOSLaw Of the SeaLOSLine Of Sight (0-30 Miles)LOSLength of Stay48 more rows

What does LOS stand for in gaming?

Line of Sight, which is what you want to give any support players on your team so they can heal you and, if theyre Mercy, use their Guardian Angel ability on you to quickly get to you.

What is los in slang?

Line of Site is the most common definition for LOS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. LOS. Definition: Line of Site.

What is Los full form?

LOS Full Form is Loss Of Sight.

What does LOS stand for in math?

Line of sight (LOS) is the level of obstruction on the path between two points.

What does Los mean in NASA?

Line Of Sight LOS: Line Of Sight. MB: MegaBytes. Me: An Earth mass.

What does Los mean on router?

Line of sight (LOS) is the level of obstruction on the path between two points. The level of obstruction in a LOS determines not only the visibility from one point to another but also the quality of signal reception for wireless transmissions, such as Wi-Fi.

What is Los medicine?

loss of resistance to air (in anesthesiology; when placing epidural, LORTA indicates entrance of needle to epidural space) LOS. length of stay.

How do you write Respect in short?

wrt – with respect to or with regard to.

Why does NASA say nominal?

performing or achieved within expected, acceptable limits; normal and satisfactory; Example The mission was nominal throughout. So when the rocket performance is nominal is it within expected and acceptable limits.

What does Los red light mean?

LOS means loss of signal.

What is PON and Los?

Check the lights on your Openreach equipment If the “passive optical network” (PON) light is solid green and the “loss of service” (LOS) light is off, then its working properly. This means youll need to contact the company you buy your broadband from as there may be a problem with their network.

What does LOS stand for hospital?

Length of stay (LOS) is the duration of a single episode of hospitalization. Inpatient days are calculated by subtracting day of admission from day of discharge.

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