Question: What does Asturias mean in English?

Asturias in British English (æˈstʊərɪˌæs ) noun. a region and former kingdom of NW Spain, consisting of a coastal plain and the Cantabrian Mountains: a Christian stronghold against the Moors (8th to 13th centuries); rich mineral resources.

What is Asturias known for?

Asturias is well known for its green landscapes, and just at a few kilometers from high mountain peaks there is the Cantabric coast with great beaches and colorful fishing villages. Asturias too is the home of ancient rites and beliefs, and this regions popular customs are among the most interesting of Spain.

Does Asturias have a language?

Asturias is a region located on the northern coast of Spain. The languages spoken in Asturias are Asturian and Spanish, and they are considered distinct Romance languages.

What are the provinces of Asturias?

Divided into eight comarcas (counties), the autonomous community of Asturias is bordered by Cantabria to the east, by León (Castile and León) to the south, by Lugo (Galicia) to the west, and by the Cantabrian sea to the north....Asturias.Asturias Asturies (Asturian)Patron saintOur Lady of CovadongaWebsiteasturias.es34 more rows

Is Leon in Asturias?

Background. The city of León was founded by the Roman Seventh Legion (usually written as Legio Septima Gemina (twin seventh legion). However, León was one of the first cities retaken during the Christian reconquest of the Iberian peninsula, and became part of the Kingdom of Asturias in AD 742.

What is the capital of Asturias?

Oviedo Asturias/Capitals Oviedo lies on a hill surrounded by mountains and a fertile plain and is situated 18 miles (29 km) southwest of Gijón. It was founded as a monastery by Fruela I in 757 and became the capital of the kingdom of Asturias in 810.

Is Leon in Spain or France?

León, SpainLeón LliónCoordinates: 42°36′20″N 5°34′12″WCountrySpainAutonomous communityCastile and LeónProvinceLeón23 more rows

Is Leon Spain worth visiting?

Leon may not be a very well-known Spanish city, but it does offer visitors a fantastic variety of things to see and do. If you love architecture, youre in for a treat, as Leon is home to a a wealth of grand, historic buildings, which include some of the most important in Spain.

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