Question: What is white moonga?

The white gemstone is also called Shwet Praval or Safed Moonga and is known to be extremely beneficial to its wearer. Promoting self-expression and a flair for communication, this gemstone is known to augment balance and resonance in its wearers voice.

What does white coral symbolize?

2) White Coral is a gemstone blessed with special healing powers. It is used to improve general debility, anxiety, fear of the unknown and provides strength, boosting of the immune system and ability of regeneration.

How can you tell the quality of moonga?

Magnification Test: Take a magnifying glass and put the Coral gemstone on white cloth under the appropriate lightening conditions. Now observe the Red coral through the glass and if you find granules on the surface of the stone, then it is a fake red coral. But for a real Red Coral, the surface will be even and smooth.

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