Question: Is Yagami Light a villain?

Light is the villain of Death Note - and a serious serial killer, at that. Even people who are new to anime are well aware that Light Yagami, the main protagonist of Death Note, is not a traditional villain. At times, he ruthlessly eradicates his enemies and comes off as one of the most gruesome villains.

Is Light Yagami a hero or villain?

Light Yagami is the villain protagonist of the Death Note manga/anime series, as well as its multiple adaptations. Light was a Japanese high school senior who found a Death Note, a mysterious notebook that would kill anyone whose name was written in it.

Is Light Yagami crazy?

In this case, those hands happen to belong to Light Yagami, one of the most insane characters in anime. Light lets his newfound power get to his head almost immediately, taking it upon himself to become a god that decides who lives and who dies.

Is RYUK a villain?

Type of Villain Ryuk is the deuteragonist of the anime/manga series Death Note. He was the one who inadvertently gave Light Yagami the Death Note and instigated his killing spree. He would later become the main antagonist of the one shot special chapter, set after the events of the original series.

Why did Light Yagami start killing?

Light Yagami found a mysterious notebook that could kill people whose name was written in it. Once L, the greatest detective in the world, and the NPA began to investigate, he had to kill people that were getting in his way along with the criminals. He also manipulated and hurt people that cared about him.

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