Question: Did Raj really straighten his hair?

Nayyars hair is naturally very curly, but Rajs hair is flat, so Nayyar had to have his hair flat ironed for 10 seasons before the producers finally allowed Raj to reveal his real hairstyle during Season 11.

What episode does Raj change his hair?

The Werewolf TransformationThe Werewolf TransformationThe Big Bang Theory episodeEpisode no.Season 5 Episode 18Directed byMark CendrowskiStory byChuck Lorre Todd Craig Gary Torvinen10 more rows

Why does Raj always sit on the floor?

Throughout the show we see Raj sitting on the floor whenever there were too many people on Leonards apartment. In the episode that Any comes to have dinner with the guys, everyone has to sit together so that Any and Raj dont have to sit on the floor.

How much is Wolowitz worth?

Simon Helberg — Net Worth: $45 Million Simon Helberg also made his way toward the top of the earning list, receiving an estimated $800,000 per episode for his role as Howard Wolowitz — a big jump from his start in internet sketch comedy.

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