Question: Why am I not getting responses on dating apps?

The first reason you might not be getting a response from a potential date is that theyre busy. This doesnt mean they dont have enough time for dating, but it might mean they have limited time to get back to everyone who messages them. Be patient. If they dont get back to you, dont sweat it.

Why do I get no responses on Bumble?

Tap Into Shared Interests. If your Bumble match doesnt respond, it may be because you JUST missed the mark in standing out among other guys who carefully analyzed her profile and interests. To up your game, take a look at any shared interests the two of you may have.

What to do if someone stops replying on tinder?

Give your match at least a week to respond before you go on red alert. Even if youre feeling panicked that you havent heard back, you should try to avoid revealing your concern. This will put unnecessary pressure on the conversation and will most likely put an end to the easy banter you two once had.

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