Question: What did Tom Brady score on the Wonderlic?

Widely considered one of the NFLs smartest quarterbacks, Tom Brady unsurprisingly impressed on the Wonderlic. His 33 is well above the average QB score (24) and shows just how smart he is. Clearly, Bradys score shows up on the field.

What was Tom Bradys Wonderlic?

a 33 Former Pats QB Tom Brady scored a 33 on his Wonderlic test back in 2000.

What did Eli Manning get on the Wonderlic test?

Eli Manning Scoring a 39 out of 50 on the Wonderlic Test (a cognitive ability or intelligence test used by the NFL to assess all applicants for the draft), Mannings score his nearly twice as high as the average NFL players results of 20-21.

What did Russell Wilson score on the Wonderlic test?

28 Russell Wilsons Wonderlic score of 28 was better than all but two of the quarterbacks picked before him, trailing only Lucks 37 and Ryan Tannehills 34.

What was Dak Prescotts Wonderlic score?

Wonderlic scores for NFL playersPlayerScoreJay Cutler26Dak Prescott25Mike Evans25Aaron Donald2539 more rows•Mar 4, 2019

What was Justin Herbert Wonderlic score?

a 39 It was reported that Justin Herbert scored a 39 on the Wonderlic test during the NFL combine. This Wonderlic score also put him well ahead of Tua Tagovailoas Wonderlic Score of 19.

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