Question: Is texting OK rude?

Is it rude to text OK?

Gretchen McCulloch, an internet linguist and author of the upcoming book Because Internet, said OK is not inherently rude but the length of a reply matters. “Anything thats shorter can sound curter, anything thats longer can sound more polite,” McCulloch said.

What does OK mean in texting?

OK stands for “oll korrect”, or “all correct”. “Huh?” I hear you ask. Nowadays people dont even say OK.

Is it rude not to respond to a text?

If you ever sit there wondering why someone wont reply to a text you just sent, youre not alone. According to a new paper from researchers at Google, impatience is a universal condition now. According to their study messaging etiquette says waiting more than 20 minutes to respond can be seen as rude.

How do you respond to a rude text?

Its up to you whether or not you want to give them an answer, ignore them, or ask why they need to know whatever it is. Your comeback should be said with a smile and an even tone. If possible, use humor to soften your response, and then change the subject. Hopefully, the person will get the hint.

How do you say OK in a fancy way?

Synonyms & Antonyms of OKagreeable,all right,alright,copacetic.(also copasetic or copesetic),ducky,fine,good,

Is no response a rejection?

When we put ourselves out there by sending people messages on an online dating site (or many), we risk the chance of not getting a message back. But, let me be clear: Non-response does not equal rejection. In other words, the absence of a positive reply — a return message — is not the same as someone turning you down.

What does it mean if someone reads your message but doesnt reply?

It works both ways, too: if youve read a message that youre either unable or unwilling to respond to immediately, the countdown has already started. The implicit message being read into your silence is that youre ignoring them – not the best starting point for a conversation, even when it eventually gets under way.

Whats a fancy word for rude?

1 uncivil, unmannerly, curt, brusque, impertinent, impudent, saucy, pert, fresh. 2 unrefined, uncultured, uncivilized, uncouth, coarse, vulgar, rough. 8 rustic, artless. 9 stormy, fierce, tumultuous, turbulent.

What should I reply yeah?

When a person is excited, she would say yeah, and your response would be yeah/yah/yes/thats right.

How do you say yes in a cute way?

InformalYes.Ya.Yep.Yup.YAAAAAS.Totally.Totes.Sure. •Jan 5, 2017

Is Hmm rude?

2 Answers. It expresses doubt without being outright rude about it. It is somewhat a close relative of ok or I am following. More like when someone is telling/informing you about something youd says hmmmm to indicated that youre following what is being told.

When should you not respond to a text?

1. The Golden Rule: Do not call in response to a text message. If you call in response to a text you can expect one of two things: either a phone call with a person who is frustrated by your lack of social skills or an ignored phone call and the awkward text conversation that will follow it.

What do guys think when you dont text back?

10 Things Guys Think When You Dont Text Them BackShe better be dead. Dont send a follow-up text dont send a follow-up text dont send a follow-up text. Maybe she didnt get my text? Is this a mind game? Screw this, Im just going to do whatever. Oh, I have a text, maybe its from her. •22 Oct 2015

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