Question: Will Threema be free?

At Threema, its the users, not investors, who are in charge But what this means is that Threema is actually owned by its users and not by investors or venture capitalists who have an agenda. Yes, mining a users data or accepting outside funding can allow an app to be “free,” but the truth is that nothing is free.

Does Threema cost money?

Threema Pricing As noted previously, the base Threema messaging app is not free software. It costs $2.99 to download from the Google Play store or the iPhone and iPad app store. Unlike most secure messenger apps, you actually have to pay a small fee to use Threema.

Are Threema calls free?

Neither a SIM card nor a phone number is required to use Threema calls. This allows you to make voice calls even on tablets or iPads. Threema calls are extremely easy to use and free for anybody using WLAN or a flat rate mobile plan.

Is Threema end-to-end encrypted?

Consistent End-to-End Encryption Threema employs the tried and tested open-source cryptography library NaCl. All messages are end-to-end encrypted, and the users are in control of the key exchange. This guarantees that no third party, not even the server operator, can decrypt messages.

Why does Threema cost money?

At Threema, its the users, not investors, who are in charge Threema does not operate under a typical Silicon Valley type of financial model, which is based on catering to advertisers. Instead, Threema charges a fee because, naturally, it has to cover its development and payroll costs.

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