Question: Is motsi older than Oti?

Early life and education. Mabuse was born in Pretoria, South Africa, and studied civil engineering at university before embarking on a career in professional ballroom dancing. Her elder sister, Motsi Mabuse, is also a professional ballroom dancer.

Who is older motsi and OTI Mabuse?

Who is Oti Mabuses sister? Otis older sister Motsi Mabuse is also a professional ballroom dancer, and she also participated in the German version of Strictly. After two years as a dancer on the show, Motsi became one of the judges.

How old is motsi?

40 years (April 11, 1981) Motsi Mabuse/Age

How old is Oti Mabuse from Strictly?

Oti Mabuse is a 31-year-old professional dancer who rose to fame on BBC Ones Strictly Come Dancing. She was born in Pretoria, South Africa and unlike many of the Strictly family, Oti did not start her path to professional dancing from a young age.

Is motsi and Oti related?

Motsi has been a judge on Lets Dance - the German version of Strictly Come Dancing - since 2011, after joining the show in 2007 as a professional dancer. If you recognise her surname, thats because she is the sister of Strictly dancing pro Oti, who was also a dance captain on The Greatest Dancer.

How many times has OTI Mabuse won?

Not only is Oti eight times South African Latin American Champion, she has also achieved an array of titles including World European Latin Semi-Finalist and World Cup Championship Semi-Finalist.

Is Motsi Otis sister?

The siblings both appear on Strictly Come Dancing Strictly Come Dancings Oti Mabuse has revealed she didnt speak to her sister Motsi for three months!

Is Motsi Mabuse Oti sister?

You must have been living under a rock if you havent heard of the devastatingly talented Mobuse sisters, Oti and Motsi Mabuse. Now, Oti, 30, is set to become even more famous as a judge on The Masked Dancer, which debuts this weekend on ITV.

Who is Oti dating?

She was a Dance Captain on The Greatest Dancer and since 2021, she has been a panellist on The Masked Dancer....Oti MabuseHeight5 ft 4 in (163 cm)Spouse(s)Marius Iepure ​ ( m. 2014)​Partner(s)Keoikantse Motsepe (2000–2013)RelativesMotsi Mabuse (sister)4 more rows

Is motsi Mabuse still in Germany?

Motshegetsi Motsi Mabuse (born 11 April 1981) is a South African dancer currently residing in Germany. She has appeared on Lets Dance, the German version of Strictly Come Dancing, originally appearing as a professional dancer but later became a judge on the show.

Does motsi Mabuse speak German?

Motsi became tongue-tied and accidentally spoke the different language, prompting her to say: Im speaking German man, you killed me. Well done, that was out of this world!

Are OTI and Marius still together?

Marius is also a dancer - and he has even made an appearance on Strictly himself! Marius performed on the BBC One dancing competition in the group numbers in 2017 and the couple have been happily married since 2014 after meeting during a dance trial in Germany.

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