Question: How old is June cash?

How long were June and Johnny Cash married?

35-year But the lovebirds navigated rough waters leading up to and during their 35-year marriage which produced one son, multiple hit songs about heartache, adoration and redemption, and ended when they took their final mortal bows within four months of each other.

When was Johnny Cash born?

February 26, 1932 Johnny Cash/Date of birth Johnny Cash was a world-renowned singer/songwriter of country music. With his deep, rich voice and often dark, often uplifting lyrics, he created a body of work that will be heard and remembered for generations to come. J. R. Cash was born on February 26, 1932, in Kingsland (Cleveland County) to Ray and Carrie Cash.

Whats Johnny Cashs middle name?

John R. Cash Johnny Cash/Full name

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