Question: Which state is Ikom located in Nigeria?

Ikom is a town of Cross River State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Ikom in the east of the area on the Cross River and the A4 highway at 5°57′40″N 8°42′39″E.

What is the state of Calabar?

Cross River CalabarCalabar Kingdom of CalabarCountryNigeriaStateCross RiverArea• Total406 km2 (157 sq mi)10 more rows

Is ogoja in Benue State?

It is located in Nigeria, Benue, Konshisha. Benue-State and Ogoja are both in the same time zone Africa/Lagos.

Which state is ogoja in Nigeria?

Cross River state Ogoja, town, Cross River state, southeastern Nigeria, on the road from Abakaliki. A major trade centre (yams, cassava [manioc], corn [maize], rice, palm oil and kernels, kola nuts), it is mainly inhabited by the Ekoi peoples.

What is the postal code for Cross River State?

Cross River State is located in the South-South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria. It consists of eighteen (18) Local Government Areas. The postcode assigned to NIPOST headquarters in Cross River State is 500001.

Which tribe is Cross River State?

Demographics. The State is composed of several ethnic groups, which include the Efik, the Ejagham, Yakurr, Bahumono, Bette, Yala, Igede, Ukelle, Utukwang [Utugwang] and the Bekwarra. There are four major languages spoken in the state: French, Efik, Bekwarra, and Ejagham.

Which states are the East in Nigeria?

The region was officially divided in 1967 into three new states, the East-Central State, South-Eastern State. East-Central State had its capital at Enugu, which is now part of Enugu State....Eastern Region, Nigeria.Eastern RegionCountryNigeriaAutonomized1 October 1954Dissolved27 May 1967CapitalEnugu15 more rows

What is the zip code of Calabar?

540211 540281 Calabar/Zip codes

What is Nigeria state code?

Currently for Nigeria, ISO 3166-2 codes are defined for 1 capital territory and 36 states....Current codes.CodeSubdivision name (en)Subdivision categoryNG-FCAbuja Federal Capital Territorycapital territoryNG-ABAbiastateNG-ADAdamawastateNG-AKAkwa Ibomstate33 more rows

Is UGEP the largest community in West Africa?

Ugep as it is popularly known is one of the largest unit that constitute Yakurr and were referred to as the largest village in West Africa, its indigenes speaks the Lokaa Language which is the general language spoken in Yakurr....Ugep.Ugep (Umor Otu-tu)Postal code54310113 more rows

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