Question: How do you do a home DNA test?

Are at home DNA test accurate?

Since DNA for one person is the same in every cell in their body, the accuracy of a test performed with cheek cells is exactly the same as a blood sample. As long as a user follows kit directions carefully, the quality of the cheek sample when collected at home is just as good as one collected by a doctor or lab.

Can you do your own DNA test at home?

A home paternity test may be the best option when you want a DNA paternity test strictly for your own knowledge. Our home paternity test kit is easy to use, using cheek swabs to collect the samples. Its a quick and painless procedure that involves rubbing a cotton-like swab against the inside of the cheek.

How do I get a home DNA test?

Call today (877) 355-2362 to order your Home DNA Test Kit or send us an email with your mailing address, phone number and email and we will contact you.

How do home DNA tests work?

An at home DNA test works the same way any DNA test works. The only part of the test that takes place at home is when you collect your sample. This is done using a mouth swab to collect saliva and epithelial cells from the inside of your mouth. You will still need to send your sample off to a laboratory to be tested.

How can I get a DNA test without the father knowing?

If you are not a legal parent or legal guardian of the child and the child is underage, you must get signed consent from the mother or other legal guardian. If the necessary consent isnt provided up front, then the paternity testing cannot even start until the proper documentation is submitted.

How long does home DNA testing take?

This bestselling DNA test provides fast, accurate, and confidential paternity results in just one business day once samples arrive at our lab. HomeDNA is the affordable, trusted answer that you need, and its easy!

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