Question: Can I cash my coins at Walmart?

There are over 3,500 Walmart Supercenters throughout the United States and Walmart is present in all 50 states. Most Walmart Supercenters have self-checkout kiosks that accept cash, coins, and a debit or credit card.

Does Walmart exchange cash for coins?

Ingles, Food Lion, Walmart and Harris Teeter have CoinStar machines that charge an 11.9% fee. If you opt for an E-Gift Card or to donate, theres no fee. Some gas stations, including Quik-Trip and some Fast Stop locations, will exchange coins for cash.

How do I change my coins to cash at Walmart?

Turn coins into cash, a charity donation, or a no-fee eGift card from top brands at a Coinstar kiosk in Walmart. In-store only.

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