Question: Whats the fastest BMW?

The BMW M5 Competition model is currently the fastest production car in the BMW lineup, going from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. From coupes all the way up to SUV Sport Activity Vehicles®, BMW even offers a wide range of some of the fastest cars under $100k.

What is faster BMW or Mercedes?

Both the BMW and the Audi use eight-speed automatic transmissions, while the Mercedes auto is a nine-speed. The M8 Gran Coupe is the quickest, at 3.1 seconds for the standard car and 3.0 for the Competition, but the Mercedes isnt far behind.

Which is better M3 or M5?

The M3 is way cheaper, and just as fast. On a race track its way faster than the M5 due to its massive weight advantage. Unless you have a large family, than the M3 is way better than the M5.

What is the best German car?

Weve compiled a list of the some of the best used German cars available.BMW 3 Series. Originally created in 1975, the BMW 3 Series is the textbook answer for a classy executive saloon car. Volkswagen Golf. Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Audi TT. Porsche 911. Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Audi Q5. BMW 1 Series. •Dec 29, 2020

What car has only 7 in the world?

The brainchild of Dubai-based W Motors, the Lykan is the first supercar made by a company located in the Middle East. It was featured in the film Furious 7 and has already built up its supercar cachet as one of the most expensive and limited production cars ever — W Motors plan to produce only seven units of the car.

Who bought the 70 million dollar Ferrari?

David MacNeil A 1963 Ferrari GTO was sold for $70 million. It is thought to be the highest price ever paid for a car. Sources said the car was sold by a German collector to David MacNeil, the founder of WeatherTech.

Is M8 a supercar?

The BMW M8 is supercar quick, easy to drive for long periods and looks great. However, some features cost extra that shouldnt, and the cheaper M850i is very nearly as good.

Which is better Audi or BMW?

Audi pull ahead when it comes to styling and tech, but BMW offer a smoother, sportier driving experience. Both brands rank highly when it comes to safety features, but Audi has poorer reliability ratings by a margin.

Who is richer Mercedes or BMW?

When compared to 2020, Ford noted a gain of just over 4 billion USD....10 Most Valuable Car Brands2021 Valuation In USD2020 Valuation In USD1. Toyota59.47 billion58.07 billion2. Mercedes-Benz58.22 billion65.04 billion3. Volkswagen47.02 billion44.89 billion4. BMW40.44 billion40.48 billion6 more rows•26 Mar 2021

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