Question: What Myers-Briggs types are compatible?

Which Myers-Briggs type is least compatible?

These 10 Incompatible Personality Type Pairings Probs Shouldnt DateArchitect (INTJ) & Consul (ESFJ) VICTOR TORRES/Stocksy. Debater (ENTP) & Adventurer (ISFP) Javier Diez/Stocksy. Logician (INTP) & Entertainer (ESFP) Ivan Gener/Stocksy. Mediator (INFP) & Entrepreneur (ESTP) Defender (ISFJ) & Campaigner (ENFP)12 Aug 2019

Can you be a mix of two Myers-Briggs types?

If youre still coming up with two or more types, be both! You may be a wonderfully rounded and developed person with no strong preference between Thinking and Feeling or whatever the pressure point may be.

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