Question: When did Claudia and Bernd have Regina?

1971. Claudia has a daughter, Regina, with Bernd Doppler.

How did Claudia and Bernd have Regina?

That is, Regina would exist even if time travel had never been invented, unlike Tronte whose birth was caused by the knot created by time travel. And indeed, the family tree in the official Dark website shows that in both worlds, Regina is the daughter of Claudia with Bernd Doppler.

When did Claudia and Bernd Doppler have Regina?

1971. Unbeknownst to the whole town, Bernd fathers a daughter with Claudia Tiedemann. Claudia raises the girl, Regina, as a single mother.

How is Bernd Doppler father of Regina?

REGINA TIEDEMANN (Boris Niewald/Aleksander Köhler) Many people both in the show and watching the show assumed Tronte Nielsen was her father, but its ultimately revealed that Reginas father was Bernd Doppler, Claudias predecessor as director of the power plant.

Is Regina Claudias daughter?

This article is about the Regina from Adams world. Regina Tiedemann is the daughter of Claudia Tiedemann and Bernd Doppler and the owner of the troubled Waldhotel Winden in the town of Winden. She is married to Aleksander Tiedemann, with whom she has a son, Bartosz Tiedemann.

Who is Bartosz wife in dark?

Silja Silja. Silja is Bartoszs wife, and also Hannah Kahnwalds daughter. In season three, we saw that Hannah had an affair with Egon Tiedemann, leading to the birth of Silja.

Who is Helges real father?

Helge was born in 1944 to Greta Doppler. Although he would be raised by Gretas husband Bernd Doppler, Helges biological father was in fact a man named Anatol Veliev.

Who is Trontes dad?

He is the son of Agnes Nielsen and the Unknown, the nameless son of Jonas Kahnwald and the alternate Martha Nielsen. Throughout his life, he had a close relationship with Claudia Tiedemann.

Who is Helges wife?

Helge did come to father one son, Peter, although Peters mother has never been identified. After Peters mother died in 1987, he moved to Winden and grew up to become a therapist there. He married the orphan Charlotte Doppler, who had been raised by clockmaker H.G.

How did Jonas become Adam?

The scene where Jonas killed Hannah seemed to be the moment he truly became Adam, who would do anything to reach what he believed was paradise.

Who was Helges wife?

Greta He, his wife Greta, and their son Helge lived in a palatial manor that later became the Waldhotel Winden. Helge was not Bernds biological son, as Greta suggested when she confided in the false priest Hanno Tauber that he was not born out of love, and she was stern and unaffectionate towards him.

Who is the real villain in dark?

Jonas Kahnwald, better known as Adam, is the main antagonist of the German 2017 Netflix-series Dark. He is the future self of the main protagonist Jonas Kahnwald and wants to end the so-called time knot, which is a time-loop that has caused problems and misery for people.

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