Question: What does DMAB mean?

designated male at birth.

What DAMB means?

A damb is a type of archaeological mound (tumuli) found in the Baluchistan region of Iran and Pakistan.

Why do people say DAMB?

damn Add to list Share. Damn is a common, somewhat naughty exclamation. In one sense it means to condemn or send someone to hell, as in God damn it! Other times it means a little amount, as in I dont give a damn about baseball. People can give a damn, damn others to hell, and complain about the damn weather.

How do you say DAMB?

0:051:01How To Say Damn - YouTubeYouTube

What does Darn you mean?

Darn is defined as a way to show disappointment or dismay, as a more proper version of the word damn. When you slam your finger with a hammer but you do not want to shout a swear word, this is an example of a time when you would shout darn! interjection. 17. 2.

What can I say instead of the F word?

What the cuss? 50 swear-word alternativesBalderdash!William Shatner!Corn Nuts!Dagnabbit!Son of a monkey!Barnacles!Holy cow!Poo on a stick! •19 Jul 2019

Is Dann worse than darn?

Darn is a method of repairing cloth, especially knitted cloth. As an expletive, its a nonsense word with no meaning, thus not offensive. Dang is nothing but a nonsense word with no meaning except that produced by its habitual use as an expletive. Thus is it not offensive.

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