Question: How do you reply to pretty much?

Probably not - pretty much means almost, nearly, approximately. I would reply: Quite a lot/bit or simply, Yes, I do.

Whats pretty much mean?

(also pretty well) almost completely: Ive pretty much finished packing now. Ive pretty well decided Im not going to go.

What does Yeah pretty much mean?

A lot of people use Yeah, pretty much. as a way to agree with people. It means youre not 100% right, but theyre agreeing with you. See a translation.

What is another word for pretty good?

pretty goodadequate.decent.reasonable.satisfactory.average.medium.middling.okay.

Is pretty good better than good?

It basically just means mostly good or fairly good or somewhat good. It definitely isnt more than good, though.

Whats better than pretty?

admirable, adorable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, captivating, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enthralling, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fetching, fine, foxy, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, inviting ...

How do you say Im doing good?

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing:Im fine thank you.I feel great / marvellous / fine.Couldnt be better.Fit as a fiddle.Very well, thanks.Okay.Alright.Not bad.

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