Question: What are the negative effects of sexting?

What are the consequences of sexting? There is a risk that their image will be made available to others. This leads to a high level of distress for a young person, and it can lead to them resorting to coping in unhealthy ways such as self-harming, isolating themselves and restricting their dietary intake.

Does sending nudes affect your future?

The consequences of sexting can be life-long and negatively impact your childs future. Nude or explicit pictures of your child can continue to circulate, both on and off the Internet, long after they were originally sent or obtained, which can have devastating psychological effects.

How does sexting affect your future?

Sexting can also continue to negatively impact a person beyond their high school years. Images online can follow a person into college or they may be seen by future employers, potential relationships and even a persons future children may eventually come across them.

How often is sexting prosecuted?

An arrest occurred in 62% of cases with an adult involved, in 36% of the aggravated youth-only cases, and in 18% of the experimental cases (youth-only and no aggravating elements).

Why you shouldnt read your childs texts?

Reading a childs text messages demonstrates your lack of respect for your childs privacy. It also can affect the level of respect your child has for you. Again, if your child has done something to make you think she might be taking inappropriate risks, its understandable that you may decide to read her texts.

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