Question: Does Childish Gambino actually sing Redbone?

Did Childish Gambino use autotune on Redbone?

Childish Gambino appeared on The Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon December 14th to perform his latest single “Redbone” off his new album Awaken, My Love! Gambino continues to show us his vocal range as he performs the entirety of the song in his falsetto. No auto tune or vocal pitching required.

Is Childish Gambino funk?

Childish Gambino ditches the hip-hop of his first two albums for a sound more infused with P-Funk. Awaken, My Love! Im proud that hes into the funk,” the 75-year-old funk innovator, who played Hong Kongs recent Clockenflap festival, said, after hearing Gambinos third album.

Who sings Come and Get Your Love now?

Redbone Come and Get Your Love/Artists

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