Question: Can you get married via Skype Australia?

Sorry, NO, it is not legal in Australia. other videoconferencing technology, or by proxy. Before you are joined together in marriage in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses ...

Can you legally get married over Skype?

In countries such as India, England, and Israel, proxy marriages via Skype are legally-binding. And because the U.S. recognizes a legal overseas wedding between an American and their foreign fiancé, many are saying I do via Skype and registering the wedding on foreign soil so that the marriage is considered legal.

Can you get married by proxy in Australia?

Australian law requires that consent be given by both parties in person. In some countries, however, marriage by proxy is permitted. the law of the country where the marriage was solemnized (that is, where the marriage celebrant authorised the marriage) permits consent to be given by proxy, and.

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